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Paper Art by Yuko Nishimura
Yuko NishimuraHere are some images of awesome paper art "Origami" by artist Yuko Nishimura. Looks Nice!
e-passport by Samsung with flexible OLED
e-passport-samsungContains a 2 inch AMOLED laminated screen which is powered by RF source reader! Cool passport which cannot be easily counterfeited. .

Coffin Couch
coffin-couchCoffin Couch by Etsy.com for $3500, it can be folded to shutdown position and is available in purple, red or black colors. Who would buy this, specially for $3500?
Koenigsegg Quant Solar Sports Car

Koenigsegg-Quant-Concept-1 Koenigsegg the Swedish car manufacturer is planning to start manufacturing this solar sports car it features 512hp, goes from 0 to 62 in 5.2 seconds and has a top speed of 275 km/h (170 miles/h).


Video of Cliff Dive from Drivers Eyes
cliff-diveVideo of 300 Feet Cliff Dive from Drivers Eyes. This was done at Rally de Portuga earlier this year.
48 Cylinder Kawasaki Motor Cycle
48-cylinder_kawasakiCreated by Simon Whitlock this Kawasaki has 48 Cylinders, Can someone even ride on this?

Huge Multi User Multi Touch Wall
huge-multi-user-multi-touch-wallA huge multi touch/user Touch-wall has been revealed at advertising festival in Cannes. Very impressive.
Crashing a Suzuki SV 650
Suzuki-SV-650-crashGuy in the video somehow manages to crash his Suzuki SV-650.

Boeing 747 Super Tanker Video
super-tankerVideo of Boeing 747 Super Tanker doing it's fire fighting duties this can drop 20,500 gallons of water in one trip.
Knight Prank
knight-prankNow this is really funny, people visiting a museum are getting owned.

Sci-Fi Art by Artist Chris Foss
chris-foss-tHere are some images of Si-Fi art by artist Chris Foss. Looks Nice!
Table Robot
table-robotTable Robot, now this is cool soon you may seeing this in a restaurant near you.

All In One Home Theater by Akai

all-in-one-htib-akaiNow this cool all in one system by Akai Model # AISS010. Priced at $1000 it features - iPod dock, built-in DVD player with AM/FM radio, HDMI 1080P output, USB port, 2.1 + 1 track power output (double

Enzo Ferrari burning
Ferrari-BurningEnzo Ferrari burns in Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada. Funny for us but not for the owner.

Sorority Girl Crying
Sorority-Girl-CryingHere is a very funny video of Sorority Girl Crying out load.
Faces made of Clothes
Fashion-Faces-thumbFashion Faces made of Cloths by artist Bela Borsodi. Looks Nice!